Plan Toys uses preservative-free rubber wood and non-formaldehyde glues, as well as recyclable packaging and water-based inks. Their products are marketed as "green", and are recognized as such by various buying guides endorsing green products for children.

PlanToys makes its toys from rubber wood, a sustainable by-product of the latex industry's harvesting of trees used for natural rubber production once their productivity declines. Using the trees as a resource in this way for wooden toys made by PlanToys is environmentally responsible.

Eco Friendly Material

100% Natural Rubber

Plant Based Ink

Toys (Safety) Regulations Approved

Pounding Bench
Dhs. 173.00
Dhs. 68.00
Dog Puzzle
Dhs. 79.00
Elephant Puzzle
Dhs. 79.00
Kitchen Set
Dhs. 299.00
Dentist Set
Dhs. 131.00
Chef Set
Dhs. 200.00
Push and Pull Puppy
Dhs. 177.00
Play Gym - Orchard
Dhs. 284.00
Planworld Vehicle Series
Dhs. 194.00
Walk N Roll - Orchard
Dhs. 135.00
D.I.Y - Brachiosaurus
Dhs. 79.00
D.I.Y - Triceratops
Dhs. 79.00
D.I.Y - Tyrannosaurus
Dhs. 79.00
D.I.Y - Pterodactyls
Dhs. 79.00
D.I.Y - Stegosaurus
Dhs. 79.00
Pull - Along Hedgehog - Blue
Dhs. 104.00
Pull - Along Hedgehog - Brown
Dhs. 104.00
Climbing Gorilla
Dhs. 156.00
Pull-Along Musical Bear
Dhs. 261.00
Seafood Platter
Dhs. 156.00
Cheese & Charcuterie Board
Dhs. 156.00
Steak Set
Dhs. 156.00
BBQ Playset
Dhs. 387.00
Vroom Car
Dhs. 100.00
Vroom Truck
Dhs. 100.00
Vroom Bus
Dhs. 100.00
Sea Life Set
Dhs. 100.00
Upper Case Alphabet
Dhs. 179.00
Animal Puzzle Game
Dhs. 147.00

What Our Customers Say About Us

Tarek Shaker

Really perfect, helpful and professional staff, specially Zild ❤ I got my items from Dubai while I'm on my sofa in Cairo

Billie Lee

One stop shop for unique, sustainable & safety educational toys.

Taz A

Great toy store with awesome educational toys. Great friendly staff

Ed Chris

House of treasures, and full of joy for kids

Gravens Ngu

Amazingly fun.

Hayfaa Hasanain

Love this place, great smart and sustainable toys, we keep coming back, Dubai best kept secret

Mawada Alwazir

One of the nicest educational toys in town. A collection for different needs and all ages. Love it

Harold Keith Salazar

Great Product and Great Customer Service!

Bassam Jamalalail

Klug educational toys provide wonderful and enjoyable toys for children. One of the best hidden gems in Dubai. AMAZING customer support. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jolanta Gronkiewicz

First time I came across Klug Toys when I was passing by Al Quoz. I checked them online and after placing my first order I was impressed with the product. I got ice cream and bday cake set and the quality is fantastic. Big plus for sustainability. Colours are pretty too - not the tacky and plastic like in most of the places. The price is also very reasonable. Now the service - absolutely outstanding. I was ready to go and pick it up in store but not only that they arranged the delivery for free, they managed to deliver before EID. I wish more people knew about this place!

Antonio Garcia II


Amrin Murison

Hello, we just received it. Thank you so much!! The wrapping is amazing and very happy with the delivery service.. we appreciate it very much.. thank you. Have a lovely day ❤️❤️