Toilet In A Bag

Toilet In A Bag



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TOILET IN A BAG - A bag specifically made for urinating on the go for kids (and adults), when there are no suitable toilets, when stuck in a traffic jam or on field trips.
The bag is filled with gel particles that harden the urine as soon as it touches it to avoid any spilling or bad odours; the bag is resalable for clean disposing.
The emergency toilet for boys and girls.

1. Unfold the disposable urinal.
2. For girls: unfold the paper funnel and insert it into the urinal.
3. Hold the urinal below the ring and urinate. Urine will be captured by super absorber inside the bag.
4. Rewrap the used product and secure it with the product sticker.
5. Simply dispose in household waste

Minimus TOILET IN A BAG is single use disposable urinal

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