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Start the day off well with this extensive PlanToys breakfast of wood. A comprehensive toy set with all kinds of different products on a tray. There is a slice of bacon, cheese, bread, sausage, a fried egg, pepper and salt. There is also a boiled egg with an eggcup, the egg consists of two parts, lift the top and a perfectly boiled egg appears. A beautiful birthday present for children from 3 years old.

Contents set:
1 wooden tray
1 wooden sausage
1 wooden slice of bacon
1 wooden slice of cheese
1 wooden boiled egg
1 wooden fried egg
1 wooden salt and pepper set
1 wooden balls
2 wooden sandwiches

The toys are produced sustainably and responsibly. PlanToys uses sustainable materials such as old rubber trees that no longer produce latex, normally these trees are burned.

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