Jungle Yam Yahtzee Board Game



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Even non-readers can play this simplified version of the world-famous Yahtzee dice game. These dice feature pictures of fun jungle animals. Roll the 5 dice to try and complete the challenges on your board. Be the first to complete a row of cards and win the game. Go for a quick win with ‘yams’: throwing the same animal 5 times means you win! - Contents: 4 game boards, 32 cover cards, 5 dice
Players: 2 to 4

Preparation: each player gets a scorecard and 8 tokens in the same colour. All the dice are placed in the middle of the table.

Gameplay: the youngest player goes first. Play goes around the table clockwise. The first player tries to roll a combination with the dice. If they are successful, then they win a token, which they place on the right square on their scorecard. Each player gets to reroll the dice three times.
You can use all the dice for every throw. If you have already rolled part of a combination after your first throw with the five dice, then you can set aside these dice and only reroll with the remaining dice. So if you roll two monkeys during your first throw, then you can set these aside and try to roll a third monkey with the remaining dice. Every picture of an individual animal on the scorecard corresponds to a throw of at least 3 of the same animals.

The cards:
- Space with an animal: roll this animal at least 3 times to place a token on this space.
- Space with all the animals: roll 5 different animals to place a token on this space.
- Space with 4 spots: roll 4 identical animals to place a token on this space.
- Space with 5 spots: roll 5 identical animals (‘Yam’) to place a token on this space. You instantly win the game!

Winning the game:
- As soon as a player has a row of 4 tokens, they win the game.
- If a player scores a ‘Yam’ (5 identical animals) during their turn, they instantly win the game.