Latifa & Rashid Expo Adventures, Transfer Game

Latifa & Rashid Expo Adventures, Transfer Game

EXPO 2020/01

Expo 2020 Dubai

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Latifa & Rashid Expo Adventures - this Dubai Expo 2020 transfer game stimulates creative play in a way that’s easy for anyone to enjoy.
With the transfer sheet, children can create their own stories by filling backdrops with Dubai Expo 2020 Mascot characters. Just pick a character, place it where you want, scribble on it, and it sticks! Imagination and story-telling come to life.
Who are the Mascots:
A wonderful journey of discovery and enlightenment by two siblings, Latifa and Rashid, who embark on an adventure under the watchful eye of Salama, the wise, magical Ghaf Tree; and the guidance of three unique robots, Alif, Opti and Terra.
These robots are responsible for guarding her three secrets of Expo 2020 Dubai. With each bot protecting its own pavilion, namely Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability, those bots possess unique, special powers that help the kids unlock the challenges along their journey.
During this remarkable journey, the children travel through time and space to find clues that will help unlock Salama’s secrets. More importantly, this journey of adventure provides the perfect opportunity to learn what Expo 2020 Dubai is all about, what great inventions have been announced and celebrated in previous Expos, as well as the future contribution this Expo will have.

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