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Bugs everywhere! This flower is crawling with insects. Roll the die, draw a card and find the right number of insects on the flower within the time provided. Don’t let yourself be fooled, because some insects look very much alike! An entertaining picture hunt for all ages. Hours of fun play guaranteed. - Contents: game board (consisting of 9 puzzle pieces), 44 game cards, 6 cover cards, die, hourglass
Players: 2 to 4

Game preparation: Fit together the game board puzzle pieces, turn all the cards so the white flowers are facing up and shuffle them. Throw the die in turns. The highest throw goes first.

Gameplay: Throw the die and then flip 1 card at random, paying close attention to the insect shown. The hourglass is flipped along with the card. Now quickly search the game board to find the insect on the card the same number of times as the pips shown on the die. If the die shows 1 pip, you need only find your insect once. If you rolled a 6, you must find 6 bugs within the time limit. Use the yellow cards to cover the discovered bugs. With very young players, either don’t use the hourglass or flip it twice to give the child more time.
If you manage to find the right number of bugs within the time provided, you collect the card with the insect. If you don’t, turn the card face-down, lay it with the other cards and shuffle them again.

Winning the game: When all the cards are gone, the players count their collected cards. Whoever has collected the most cards wins the game!

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